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Instituto de Investigacion y Diagnostico por Imagenes en Piel y Tejidos Blandos


Only center in the world fully dedicated to dermatologic ultrasound!

Ranked number 1 on the highest number of scientific publications and citations in this field !

The Institute for Diagnostic Imaging and

Research of the Skin and Soft Tissues

(IDIEP) is a high-technology center

specialized in the imaging study of the

skin and soft tissues. This center is pioneer

in color Doppler ultrasound imaging

of the dermatological field.

The mission of this center is to support

the early diagnosis of dermatological

and soft tissue lesions by providing

efficient, effective, personalized and high

quality attention, using state of the art equipment and highly trained staff.

 IDIEP is also committed to education and research by collaborating with other centers and universities worldwide.

The skin is the largest organ in the

human body and can be affected by

multiple diseases. In this center,

imaging studies are performed on

benign and malignant tumors of the

skin and soft tissues, to detect them, characterize their type, define their

real extent in the different anatomic

layers and provide information on


These imaging examinations allow a

better planning of the treatments,

decreasing the possibility of

recurrences and improving the cosmetic prognosis of the patient.

Many other pathologies can be studied and followed up using this technology - such as

vascular anomalies (for example: hemangiomas or vascular malformations), nail

lesions, diseases of the oral cavity and the scalp.

This method also allows the study of

complications of a wide range of

cosmetic procedures such as filler

injections or some plastic surgery

problems. Moreover, with ultrasound it is

possible to discriminate the type and

extension of cosmetic fillers that have

been previously injected. This is very

important for assessment of their


Since color Doppler ultrasound is a

noninvasive and safe technology there

are no risks of complications that are

usually present when other imaging

techniques are used which imply the usage of intravenous contrast medium. This imaging

method shows a very good balance between resolution and penetration without losing definition

when the penetration is increased.

     Como el ultrasonido Doppler color es un método no invasivo y seguro permite estudiar y controlar al paciente sin someterlo a los riesgos de la inyección de medios de contraste endovenoso que se utilizan en otras técnicas de imágenes. Esta técnica posee un muy buen balance entre resolución y penetración sin perder definición al aumentar la profundidad del estudio.

These imaging examinations are performed

by a radiologist who is highly specialized in dermatological pathology. The medical

director of the center is Dr. Ximena

Wortsman, who has been working in this

field for more than 12 years. She has many publications in peer reviewed journals

and two books entirely dedicated to the application of variable frequency

ultrasound in dermatology.

The official languages spoken in our institution are Spanish and English.


Lo Fontecilla 201, of 734, Las

Condes, Santiago, Chile




Entrance to Parking through Las Condes Avenue close to the corner

with Lo Fontecilla.

Link to the International Educacional

Website on Skin Ultrasound:

Link to the Skin Ultrasound Twitter

Web Page @sonoskin